Thursday, 25 February 2016

Listening types

Description: We made a movie about listening and there are three types of listening. Busy listening 
me too listening and active listening. We had to make a movie about them and it has all three.

Big idea: The learning was to be a active listener and not a busy one.
We made a video about it. Hope you enjoy: )

Feedback and feed forward
I think that your listening types are clear
Next time you could put the video on

Evaluation: I think that the active lisning was the best because you get what the people are saying.


  1. Awesome Sam, Harriet and Kayla! A very entertaining video demonstrating the 3 different types of listening. Well done. How well do you think you show active listening? When do you show active listening the best? With your teachers, brothers, mum or dad or friends? Your evaluation needs to be about "active listening" not about the post.