Wednesday, 23 November 2016


  • Athletics Reflection:
    • What was the most enjoyable part of athletics for you? Why? high jump because it really is fun and makes me use my legs
    • What are you really proud of? Why? coming third in shot put because i have never come any thing in athletics.
    • What was the most challenging part? Why? 800m because i am not a good runner and i get stitch easily
    • Where to now? What are your goals for next time? Why do you want to focus on this?


Thursday, 22 September 2016


Description:We have been learning measurement and we have a slide that i am going to share with you. we were aloud to use thing like water measuring cup and beans to weight and measure things. Here is the slide.

Feedback: I that your description explains a lot
Feed Forward:You need to add the slide

Evaluation: I think that i did explain lots.
i need to put the slide on.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Book Buddies

Description: Book Buddies is when you have a buddy that is in the same group as you and you both have the same reading goal,so you choose a book and read it. We regularly have a discussion about what we liked about the book and what we didn't like. Here is a slide of what we have been doing.

Feedback: I think that you explained book buddies pretty well. Caitlin.
Feed forward: I think that you could have a longer description. Caitlin.

Evaluation:  I think think that my learning has been influenced by my Book Buddies and they have helped me to become a better reader. Next time I need to choose some challenging books

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


This term in writing i have been learning to organise my ideas. We plan our storys's using see,hear,smell exc. My story is plan with those senses. They make it more descriptive.
Here it is.....

Evaluation: I think that I am ready to write more complicated story's

Feed back: I think you did good on doing your story.
Feedforward: i think you need to re-read the description and fix some words up.

E Te Reo 2016

When we have been doing E Te Reo we have been learning about whakatauki's. A whakatauki is a Maori proverb that inspires or motivates you. The one I am sharing with you is"what is the most important thing in the world"the people the people the people". I do not no how to say it in māori language but that is ok. We made people to demonstrate that WE are the most important thing in the world. Here is a picture.

No photo

Feedback/Feed forward: I think that you must have improved.
You might need to say it in Maori-Maya


calendar art

Description: This is our calendar art that we will be using for our 2017 calendars. They are self portraits of our selves and what makes us who we are. The animal prints say that i love animals and walk,talk and live along side them. the Koru's represent my family. The ocean represents that i love everything about the sea and..exc. Here is is.

Feedback: I like the way you did lots of different things and how you described everything.
Feed forward: Next time you could work on adding a bit more colour-Kayla

Evaluation: Thanks Kayla, I think i have described my art well, like you said.
i think  need to work on giving more detail.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Discovery time 2016

We have been doing discovery time and I am going to share my post with you. I have got the link for my panekiritanga assessment and I will put the slide on.

We had to get a buddy and do a self assessment and a buddy assessment on how good we are with our goals.

Feedback: I think that you did good explaining what you had to do
Feed forward: Next time you could explain more about the tasks

Evaluation: I think that I was good at talking about the assessment.
I need to work on explaining more

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Science moon

Description: We are studying science this term and I am learning about the moon and how it works. We had to measure how far the moon was from the horizon with our hands. I know that the moon affected the tides. There is some thing that I want to find out about the moon like how long does it take for the moon to go round the earth? I have a slide show that I will share with you.

Here is the slide show. It contains what I all ready know and what I want to find out.

Feedback: I love that you explained how you found out what you did. Kiana
Feed forward: maybe you could be more specific when you say we. Kiana

Evaluation: I think that I did well explaining my learning about the moon because I asked really good questions about Nic's inquiry slideshow. I enjoyed finding out how the moon affects the tides.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Japanese portfolio sample

 This term the year 6s do Japanese every Thursday with Kelly sensi. We have been learning how to count and sing in Japanese and I can count to ten which is pretty cool. It is a hard language to learn but I enjoy it because it is fun. On the 29th of June we are going to IPU ( International Pacific University ) to meet some Japanese students who go there. I am going to share a slide show with you that contains songs and numbers.

Feedback: I think that you did a nice long description.
Feed forward: I think you could explain it a bit more.

Evaluation: I think that I did good explaining the details. Next time I could say a bit more about what we are going to do there.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

E T Reo

For E Te Reo Kayla, Naomi and I made a board game so people can learn the Maori foods and have fun at the same time. We had a list of foods. We had to cut out lots of little pieces of paper and stick them on to a squiggly path.

Hear is my board game so far. 

Here are the cards people will play with.

Feedback: I really like how you guys were a team and you added a miss a turn space. Kyan
Feed forward: next time you could add a wild card were you roll a dice and more that many spaces forwards. Kyan

Evaluation: I think that I did well explaining what we did to make it 
Next time I could put a video on of some one playing it.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Weather science SLC T2 2016

I am now in Troy class for science and we are doing weather. We learned lots of cloud types like 
Cirrus and Stratus and we learned to identify them in the sky. We also had to do a experiment. I don't have one but I have I slide that I will share with you

I haven't got a slide

Feedback: I think that you did well In explaining how you did the science
Feed forward: I think that next time you could add a slide.

Evaluation: I think that I did well saying what I did. Next time I could add a little bit more 

Thursday, 9 June 2016


This term for Bookapedia we have been doing a range of things to do with questioning,summarising and taking notes. These are some of the things that we have been doing.  

Skill 1:

TITLE: skimming and scanning

WALT: create criteria to evaluate sources


A good source:

-has a good reputation, be from a trusted expert

-not ask you for private information or have virus warnings

-contain the keywords/information you are looking for

Skill 2:
TITLE: Summarising
WALT: Persist to find information to gain a wider perspective

I wouldn't want to be a.....
World war ll pilot because you have to have to leave everything and you miss your family and friends.
Also because there is a big risk of hurting or killing yourself and hurting others that you don't want to get hurt.

Skill 3:
TITLE: Notetaking
WALT: Organize our notes to make connections and find gaps
EVIDENCE: (upload hexagons)

Feedback/Feed forward: well done Harriet you've done well at your summarising. I can tell that because there is not a page full of words. Next time you could add a bit more to your other tasks so that the reader can understand what you understood about research. But other than that great job!-Bella M

Evaluation: I think that my skills for skimming and scanning have improved because I know what websites are useful and what ones not to use. I also know that watching videos helps me learn and focus on my work.It also helps me take notes and facts.

Monday, 6 June 2016


My goal is to not stop running and never give up

Sunday, 29 May 2016


Description: We did a second maths knowledge test so we know what our strengths and weaknesses are in maths. I know that my adding and subtracting are great but my multiplication and my division aren't so good so I know that's what I need to work on. I have moved up from stage 5 to stage 6
and when I move up the maths gets harder.

Feedback: I think that you did a really good description.
Feed forward: I think you could explain the test a bit more.

Evaluation: I think that I did good explaining my strengths and weaknesses
Next time I could include the photo for the stage five test so I could show how I moved up to the next stage.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Handwriting and spelling

This is my handwriting and spelling post. Some of the words in my spelling were easy and hard at the same time

Thursday, 12 May 2016


This term we are doing inquiry and I am doing it about the moon
I have a slide that I am going to share with you. Enjoy.

Art 2016

This is my art. Its called tree art and we had to draw a tree with pencil then paint the inside with black paint. Then we had to color in the gaps with pastel. Here is a photo

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Some of these fractions are improper and some of them are proper 
Here is a photo

Spelling 2016

   This is my spelling post and these are the words I am working on

Monday, 4 April 2016

Family tree/ whakapapa

Description: We are learning to say our family in Māori and I have a photo of the work I have done 
Like my mum and dad and brothers and me

Big idea
We had to learn all our relatives like cousins 
Here is a photo 

Feedback I think that you did really well.
Feedforward I also think that it could be a bit more neat.

Evaluation: I think that I did well learning the names
Next I could make it bigger and neater

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Day in a life

Description: When we went to camp we did activitys. My favourite one was horses. I am writing to entertain. I chose this because I like entertaining people and writing is a good way to do it

A Day and a Life of a Horse

I trot around. I drink. I eat. At least that's what humans think.
Well they are wrong. We ( other horses too ) do much more and this is my story.

I felt my saddle go click, then snap. Oh no not another ride. Oh my name is Gimber and I am one
 of the horses at camp El Rancho. I see lots of kids. Three of them vault over the fence 
Pwwwww. Fart, embarrassing! A girl with glasses chose me. Joe put on the lead rope and we went
round the track. I stopped to have a drink. It was a long drink. Plop, plop. Ewww that stinks. Oops 
that was me. We followed Fin up the hill back into the yard. Then we went back to the stables. 
The girl slid of a hay load of pats. She goes with some other girls to get some hay because all the 
feed bags were empty. The girl jumped back over the fence so three other people could slide over.
More rides. Then everyone was gone and a new group came and another person clambered on.
Oh no here it goes again. Another ride.....

My name is Gimber. I drink. I eat. Well, that's what humans think.

Feed back:I think that the whole story is very good.
Feedforward:I think that the story does not have any flaws

Evaluation: I think I did well with the use of language 
I think I could make it a bit more intense 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Camp Diaries 2016

UDescription: We went to camp and there were ten activity's. Those activity's include horse riding, kayaking and rafts. We had to sleep in bunks and I slept on the top bunk with Kayla and Naomi.
My cabin was cabin 6 and the name of the cabins was Poplar, Oregon and Willow.

I think you did a good job explaining what was challenging and what you are proud of
Next time you could do the comments.

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Description: We have done one word art and the pictures represent what they mean and the word represents our goal. We had to make sure that the picture stood out.

Feedback and feedforward 
Your art is really cool I like the S a lot but maybe next time you could make the letters a little less wobbly and detailed.

Cheer devin
Evaluation: I am proud of my picture because it stands out and is bold 
Next time I could choose darker colours.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Listening types

Description: We made a movie about listening and there are three types of listening. Busy listening 
me too listening and active listening. We had to make a movie about them and it has all three.

Big idea: The learning was to be a active listener and not a busy one.
We made a video about it. Hope you enjoy: )

Feedback and feed forward
I think that your listening types are clear
Next time you could put the video on

Evaluation: I think that the active lisning was the best because you get what the people are saying.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Treaty of Waitangi

Description: We have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and my group and I have made a video that i am going to share with you later. We had to choose what we wanted to make and then we had a amont of school time to do it.

Big idea: We are learning to use a range of sourses like the internet and books so as to get as much infomation as we can.

Here is my video, hope you enjoy.

Feed back and feed forward
i think you did a really good job at creating ideas and nex time you could use a louder voice.

Evaluation: I think I did well and I put more than three facts into it which makes it multi.
I think I could do relational next time.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Treaty questions

Description: In this post I am going to show you my Treaty of Waitangi questions.
We were coming up with questions we didn't know about the Treaty and then piggybacking off others.

1. What does Waitangi mean
2. Why do we celebrate Waitangi Day
3. Why is it on the weekend
4. Why did the other people in the tribes not sign the treaty too.
5. Why did the English come to New Zealand in the first place
6. Why did the English buy the country

Monday, 1 February 2016

One word art

Discription: We have a word to focus on this year. The word I have chosen is focus because I need to focus on listening  and working and not chatting. I think that this is a good word because I can work on it out side of school.