Monday, 7 September 2015

E Te Reo

Description: In Te Reo we have been learning to say the body parts in Moari. We made a poster 
to tell people in Fiona's class ( 5 year olds ) what the body parts in Moari.

Big Idea:
Atlanta,Gracie and I made a poster of Dora so the kid in Fiona's class will know how the character is 
We also named them in english so they will know what they are

Feedback/feedforward:I like the way that you put the English words in too. I think that you should have a character that you have drawn. Kiana

Evolution: I think that I did well spelling the Moari words. Next time I could use a drawen 

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  1. I think that Kiana has given you some insightful feedback. Why would it be good to draw your own character? (How does that link with our school vision?)