Thursday, 27 August 2015

Pop art

Description: Pop art is a art that catches the eye. It is painted by Andy Warhol who was a famous 
pop artist. Pop art was formed in the mid 1950's and it has bright contrasting colours.
Here is my pop art.

Big idea: We had to do our own pop art and my was around cats

Feedback/ feedforward:I like the way that you added lots of colours I like the way that you used different colours on the cats but maybe you should add lots of info. Kiana

Evaluation: I think that I added lots of detail and I could get better staying in the lines.

1 comment:

  1. Harriet you have got a real understanding of what pop art is and your work shows this through the colours you have chosen. Next time think about making your your painting is done as well as you can do it. Remember your big idea needs to explain what you did so you can share your learning with other people.