Sunday, 7 June 2015

The cat with no back legs. Cat For Sale

Discription: In Troys writing group we have been learning to write complex sentences
This is a story that show what complex sentences look like.

Feedback and feed forward: I think that you described your story well but I thought could have made it a little bit longer. Serena

Evaluation:I think that I am good at using complex sentences and I think I need to get better at putting
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  1. Harriet, a wonderful start, I love the first paragraph, its so deep and detailed as I can see it all happening. Then what happened? Its like you rushed to get it finished. Your goal is to really think about depth and substance in your writing. If you gave us 5 more paragraphs like the first, this would be an exceptional piece.

  2. I love it the story is so cute awwwww because she was in what?