Monday, 1 June 2015

Reading portfolio post

Description: For our reading goal we have been expanding our vocabulary to help us with our reading
Expanding our vocabulary helps us to find out tricky word what they mean.

Success criteria: 
.To reread and see if it makes sense 
.To read back
.Use the root or base word

Feed back and feed forward: I like the whey that your trying very hard and I like it that you put lots of interesting words. I think you should put more juicy words on it.

Evaluation: Thanks kiana, I am good at thinking up interesting words.i am achieving my goal
by rereading and looking for the root word


  1. WOW, WOW, WOW! You have had a HUGE breakthrough today Harriet! I am so proud of you! You were the first person to get this done in Poutama! Wow! I never think that these posts are a race, but what I was most impressed about was your attitude to your learning. You chose (by yourself) to sit by yourself so you were not distracted by blockers and you concentrated hard for a long period of time. FANTASTIC! Keep it up.

    I'd like you to spend some more time on this post tomorrow.
    * Make sure that your description makes sense (read it carefully).
    * Add to your evaluation. How are you progressing against your goal? (Think about your success criteria).
    * Turn your image so that your audience can read it easily.

    Let's aim for excellence!

    Thanks Harriet

  2. Yes, root words sure can help us to figure out the meaning of new words. That is great to hear that you are thinking about where the word comes from.