Sunday, 22 March 2015

Position and Orientation (Geometry with Eb)

Description: We have been learning about Position and Orientation with Eb. It is a part of our learning about Geometry at maths time.

WALT: give and follow directions using, left, right, up, down, North, South, East and West


1. What major landmarks can you see from the Plaza?
subway bus stop Mcdonalds the arena.
2. What is the closest landmark North-West from McDonalds?
bus stop
3. What direction is the Arena from United Video?
north east
4. After the doctors I turn right down Victoria Ave and turn right at the round about. I travel South-West until the main road. Turn left. Follow road and stop at the 3rd right turn.Travel South-West and stop at the bottom corner of the square. What am I doing?...

a) Going Shopping  
b) Getting a Sandwich at Subway       
c) Getting a library book       
d) Hiring a DVD😄

5. Create your own instructions for someone to follow using the language you have learned.
you are by a glue stick you go south west turn left go north east and stop were are you.

feedback:i think that your own instructions are very good and clear.
feedforward:next time you should make them clearer.

by ashlee

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  1. I think you may need to come and see me about some of your answers Harriet. It is a good idea to check your understanding with someone to check you are on the right track.

    Some things you need to add to your post is an image, feedback and feed forward and and evaluation. You've got a bit of work to do. Please come and see me to get this post sorted.